"DUO PROJECT: Corresponding Improvisations" Unscripted Collaboration with Miss Shereen Ramprashad and AV set-up assistance & live feed video camera operation by Ashkan Nejadebrahimi - INTERPLAY_2022 live online performance festival produced by Moberly Arts Centre & Mutable Subject & Plastic Orchid Factory (Vancouver) Sept 15 & 16, 2022


Rehearsal for 
Duo Project:Corresponding Improvisations

Videos from Aug 20, 2022 Rehearsal

DUO PROJECT: Corresponding Improvisations - Soundstage Rehearsal (Aug 20, 2022
at ART Lab - University of Manitoba) for interplay_2022, the live online performance festival. Miss Shereen Ramprashad stages actions, orations and sounds, while immersed in three overlapping live feed projections. Simultaneously Derek Brueckner reacts using analogue effects created by hand-manipulated materials in one of the live feed projections. Artist Ashkan Nejadebrahimi tilts and pans the 2nd live feed camera view of Ramprashad and the 3rd live feed projection is a stationary camera projecting Ramprashad's mirrored image back onto herself. INTERPLAY_2022 produced collectively by Moberly Arts Centre, Mutable Subject, Plastic Orchid Factory & Simon Fraser University. "DUO PROJECT: Corresponding Improvisations" presents intermixing of orated sentence fragments randomly sequenced together with the visual collaged effects of overlapping video projections cryptically offers both ruptured and unified metaphors throughout the spontaneous performance. Once again this series of rehearsals and performances focuses on collaborative and unscripted endeavors. The work continues to combine various aspects of process, resulting in edited videos that collectively reference back to the labour of making, experimentation, and corresponding improvisations of collaborators. Simultaneously the work strives to give agency to both collaborators (Ramprashad and Nejadebrahimi) in front of and behind the camera as they collaboratively offer their inventive minds, voices and bodies through the entire processes of installation, rehearsal and performance.