RU Residency Brooklyn Rehearsal and some drawings in progress for THE GEOMETERS exhibition at 3rd Eye (in Brooklyn)

An excerpt from the 1st rehearsal for the Geometers Rehearsals with performance artist Geraldo Mercado at Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn (sorry for the bad video quality - still learning how to stream video properly)    Thanks Geraldo Mercado!

More video editing of past and future rehearsals to come.

 The Geometers Rehearsals with performance artist Geraldo Mercado at Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn

The following images are taken by Tashi Brauen:

Examples of some of the Works in Progress (Drawings on Paper) at Residency Unlimited for the GEOMETERS for the 3rd Eye Gallery Exhibition- opening Sat August 10.

 Work in Progress      oil bar on paper

 Work in Progress (almost completed)        oil bar on paper
(I am posting unflattering selfies with the work in progress to give a sense of scale )

 Work in Progress        oil bar on tinted paper

One of many Works in Progress at Residency Unlimited

coloured pencils on acid free tinted paper        20 x 14 inches