Links for Derek Brueckner's Written Work:

Critical Distance Writing by Derek Brueckner in response to the Ron Gorsline solo exhibition LIGHT SHADOW DARK at Ace Art 1998

Some Links for Derek Brueckner's Art Practice:

Art exhibit's instructional and conceptual aims partly foiled. The Manitoban Review of the exhibition LIVE DRAWINGS at Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Art by Kevin Mathews 1998

Critical Distance Writing by Grant Guy in response to the Derek Brueckner solo exhibition THEATRE OF PAINT at Ace Art 2000

NY Theatre Archive for 2002 NYC Fringe review of CONFESSIONS OF AN ART SCHOOL MODEL at the Collective Unconscious by Michael Criscuolo

Irving Sandler Artists File Online 2007

The Body: Aesthetics, Culture, Politics. Writing by Dr. Mark Betz in response to the Derek Brueckner solo exhibition
RE/SEARCHING THE FIGURAL at Main Access Gallery 1993

Brueckner presents on a panel at the 2008 Annual College Art Association Conference in Dallas

The Search for Vision's Body: The Role of Touch in the Practice of Painting and Architecture
Wednesday, February 20, 2:30 PM–5:00 PM
Houston Ballroom C, 3rd Floor, Adam's Mark Hotel
Chairs: Thomas Berding, Michigan State University; Sanda Illiescu, University of Virginia

The Tactility of Vision; or, Experiencing Painting and Sculpture in Scarpa’s Castelvecchio and Canoviano Galleries
Nathaniel Coleman, New Castle University

Trace and Artifice
Jill Moser, independent artist, New York

Threshold Connections: Dialectics of Cybernetic Dematerialization and the Physicality of Painting
Derek Brueckner, University of Manitoba

In Search of the Tactilists: A Survey of Contemporary Haptic Aesthetes
Jennifer Justice, independent scholar, Chicago

Touch Is Essential: The "magic of the real world" in the Work of Peter Zumthor
Phoebe Crisman, University of Virginia

Discussant: Scott Poole, Virginia Tech

Not sure what this will lead to

This is my very first Blog page and first Blog posting. I am not sure if another Blog in the cybernetic world is necessary, but here it is. In some ways I have begun this Blog out of curiosity as well having another forum to discuss my thoughts, ideas in relation to the visual arts, design, perhaps some theory/writings and post various visual information.

I suspect this Blog will not be that active but only time will tell for certain.

So in the meantime I ask for your patience.

Please feel free to post comments or for potential postings email text along with the option of related images.