Derek Brueckner Artist CV (3 pages) Dec 2023







1991                MFA Hunter College, City University of New York, Department of Art,                                                    New York, NY        Areas of Concentration: Painting, Drawing, Theory and Criticism                                                   

1988                BFA (HONOURS) University of Manitoba, School of Art, Winnipeg, MB Canada





2018 - 2023      New Orleans Jazz Museum Social Improvisations I (2018),  II (2019),  III (2021),  IV (2022) & V” (2023)    Creator of            Installation and Unscripted Collaborative Performance, New Orleans, LA   

(2018 & 2022 with Ryuta Iwashita) (2019 with Teresa Ancasceo) (2021 & 2023 with Reese Johanson)

2019                Urban Shaman Gallery “The Poetic Preparator” Pop-Up Performance with Theo Pelmus and musicians Ashley Au, Stuart Desnomie and Shereen Ramprashad (not part of Urban Shaman regular programming) Winnipeg, MB

2017                Art Klub Collaborative Studio, Creator of Installation and Unscripted Collaborative    Performance,

                        New Orleans, LA   (with Ryuta Iwashita, Reese Johanson and Meryl Murman)

2013                3rd Eye (Sol)ation “The Geometers” Exhibition and Unscripted Collaborative Performance,                                                     Brooklyn, NY  (Brooklyn performance Heraldo Mercado and DS Lee + Winnipeg rehearsal Ian Mozdzen)

2012                Local Project Nude Super Hero Karaoke Show” Exhibition and Unscripted Collaborative                                                               Performance, Long Island City, NY (performance Ian Mozdzen, DS Lee & Miss Lindsay)

2011                    Semai Gallery Paintings of Performance Winnipeg, MB

2003                <SITE> Gallery Stages Exhibition and Performance, Winnipeg, MB

2000                Ace ArtTheatre of Paint” Exhibition and Performance, Winnipeg, MB

1998                 Plug In ICALive Drawings” Exhibition and Performance, Winnipeg, MB




2001-2003       “Confessions of an Art School Model” (Two-person play performed, written & directed by Talia Pura)

                       Glenn Morris Studio 2003 Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival, Toronto, ON

                       Collective Unconscious 2002 NY International Fringe Festival, New York, NY

                       Red Eye Theatre 2002 Minnesota Fringe Theatre Festival, Minneapolis, MN

                        <SITE> Gallery 2001 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, Winnipeg, MB


                          GROUP EXHIBITIONS & PERFORMANCES (selected)


2023                   Graffiti Gallery & Space)doxa ProgrammingImprovised Associations”, performance with Ian Mozdzen, Gage Salnikowski, Shereen Ramprashad and Ashkan Nejadebrahimi, Curated by Anthony Valade  Winnipeg, MB        

                           Ace Art Members Exhibition, Video of “DUO”, collaboration with Shereen Ramprashad

Ace Art People Figure II & III”, collaborative drawing & dance performance, dancers: Ian Mozdzen, Shayla Rudd, Sophie Milord and artists: Ashkan Nejadebrahimi, Rob Sims, Karen Armstrong and Jeff Peeling Winnipeg, MB

2022                   Moberly Arts Centre + Plastic Orchid Factory Interplay 2022online performance DUO with Shereen

                     Ramprashad and Ashkan Nejadebrahimi  Vancouver, BC

                          Artscape Gibraltar Point Open Studios & Exhibition for Luminous Bodies Residency, Toronto, ON

                          Graffiti GalleryDuo Prologue”, performance with Shereen Ramprashad & Ashkan Nejadebrahimi  Winnipeg, MB

                          Ace Art People Figure”, collaborative drawing & dance performance, collaboration with Ian Mozdzen,

                          D-Anne Kuby, Carol-Ann Bohrn, Shereen Ramprashad, and Rob Sims Winnipeg, MB

2015                   MOCA Geffen Contemporary Video displayed at LA Art Book Fair Los Angeles, CA

2010                   Plug In ICA “Summer Institute Residency,” Installation and Collaborative Performance with Ian Mozdzen &

                          Shereen Ramprashad    Winnipeg, MB

2008                   Gallery 1.1.1. “Revolver” (Live Drawing Performance) Curated by Cliff Eyland Winnipeg, MB

2006                   Ace Art “Videothon 2” One Night Members Screening, Winnipeg, MB

2005                   Ace Art “Videothon” One Night Members Screening, Winnipeg, MB


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2023                    Cannes Indepdendent Film Festival, France*- Screened online in Shorts Block 5

Berlin Short Film Festival, Germany  Screened live at Berlin Aug 5 at 20:00 in Shorts Block

Kollywood International Film Festival, India  Special Jury Award for Best Experimental Short Film (April)

The IndieFEST Film Awards, USA   Award of Recognition for Experimental Short Film (May)

Bloody Hats Film Festival, Germany

Hercules Independent Film Festival, Spain

Milan Shorts Film Festival, Italy  Selected as Finalist for Best Experimental Short Film

New Lotus International Film & Script Festival, Greece  Selected as Semi-Finalist for Best Experimental Film

Sittannavasal International Film Festival, India  Special Mention Award for Best Experimental Short Film (March Award)

Sarvin International Film Festival, India  Winner Best Experimental Short Film (May Winner)

Busan Short - Feature Film Festival, Korea  Winner Best Experimental Short Film (May)*

Durban International Short Film Festival, South Africa  Winner for Best Experimental Short Film (April Winner)*

Tekka International Film Festival, Singapore  Winner Best Experimental Short Film (April Winner)*

Dubai Film Awards, United Arab Emirates  Winner for Best Experimental Short Film (April Winner)*

Bhutan International Short Film Festival, Bhutan  Special Mention Award for Best Experimental Short Film (May Award)*

Qatar Independent Film Festival, Qatar  Winner Best Experimental Short Film (May Winner)*

(Online film festivals*)




2023                   James Madison University, Zoom Presentation for MFA seminar course, Harrisonburg, VA

2022                   University of Toronto, Zoom Presentation for Art for Social Change course, Toronto, ON

2021                   Red Rocks Community College, Zoom Presentation for Painting 1 course, Denver, CO

2020                   Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers, Moderator for post-performance discussion with Montreal choreographer Mélanie Demers and performers for Animal Triste”, Winnipeg, MB   

                            University of Manitoba, Desautels Faculty of Music Winnipeg, MB 

                           Guest speaker presentation of time-based work  in Orjan Sandred’s Composition Seminar

2018                   Annual Universities Art Association of Canada Conference, Waterloo, ON                                                                              Presentation and  panel discussion for “The Conceptual Body: Representation,                                                                                                  Presence and Absence in Contemporary Painting

2015                   College of the Atlantic, Presentation to faculty, students and community, Bar Harbor, ME

2008                   Annual College Art Association Conference, Dallas, TX                                                                                                        Presentation and panel discussion                                                                                                                                    “The Search for Vision’s Body: The Role of   Touch in Painting and Architecture”

2005                   Dominican University, Department of Art, Chicago, IL                                                     PowerPoint and video presentation / lecture to students and faculty                                               Contact person: Jefferey Cote de Luna

2004                   National Academy of Design, School of Fine Arts, New York, NY PowerPoint presentation / lecture to students and faculty

2001 & 1998       The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL   

                           Slide and video lecture to undergraduate students in painting class       

                           Contact person: Dan Gustin






2022 & 2019       Artscape Gibraltar Point Luminous Bodies Art Residency, Toronto Islands, ON


2017                   ART Klub Artist in Residence, New Orleans, LA

2017                   Vermont Studio Center Johnson, VT

                          Rotating Jury Selection Process (Also selected in 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2003, 1998)

2016                   Ace Art Project Space/Flux Space, Winnipeg, MB (also in 2013)

2014                   Reis Studios Long Island City (Queens), NY

2013                   Residency Unlimited Brooklyn, NY



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2021 Nov 22       OffBeat Magazine, “Sound Collage Features Experimental Art and Music Installations at

                          The New Orleans Jazz Museum” New Orleans, LA

2018 Sept 4        Winnipeg Free Press, “Examining the role of today's art school,” Alison Gilmor


2017 July 25       NOLA Defender, “At the Threshold of the Visible,” Hee-Jung Joo,  New Orleans, LA

2017 Jan 30        Winnipeg Free Press, Dry-eyed, weeping and the space in between,” Alison Gilmor


2014 Dec 2         Gothamist, “Brooklyn Gallery Owner Had Artists Create Dolls For Sister,” Angely           Mercado

                          (Drawing reproduced in exhibition review):

2013 Sept 4        Winnipeg Free Press, “Modern artists diversify means of expression,” Sarah Swan


2012 Dec            Queens Courier Magazine, Work reproduced on magazine’s cover and table of contents,   Queens, NY,

2008 Dec 14       Winnipeg Free Press, “Artist explores intersection of tradition and technology,” Stacey Abramson, 0versionflattened%20compressedadjusted%20levels.jpg

2002 Aug 13, “Confessions of an Art School Model,” NYC Fringe Review,                                                 Michael Criscuolo  

2002 June 7        A Channel TV Broadcast, Interview for “Stages” Exhibition, Winnipeg, MB

2001 Sept 29      Winnipeg Free Press, “The Butt Stops Here”, Caroline Vessely

2001 July 23       Winnipeg Free Press, “A riveting show about taking it all off”, Morley Walker

2000 June 22      Uptown Magazine, “Art in Action”, Marnie Butvin

1998 Jan 14        The Manitoban, “Art exhibition’s instructional and conceptual aims partially foiled”,                                              Kevin Mathews

1998 Jan 13        The Globe and Mail, “Naked Truth: Crowds flock to see artist drawing human figures,” Robert Enright

1994 Winter        Border Crossings Magazine, “Uncertain Bodies,” Sigrid Dahle


                          OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


                          UNIVERSITY TEACHING EXPERIENCE (selected)

1998 – present    School of Art, University of Manitoba

                          Teaching experience at the rank of Sessional Instructor (part-time 19yrs - 1998 to 2017)

Teaching experience at the rank of Instructor 1 - teaching position – non research (full-time last 5yrs - 2018 to present) Continue to teach a range of studio courses (including Video, Digital Media (Digital Essentials), Interdisciplinary Studio, Open Media, Visual Language, Painting and Drawing)


                          OTHER TEACHING EXPERIENCE (selected)

1988 - 2017        Winnipeg Art Gallery Studio Programs Instructor for adult & teens courses in painting,

                          drawing, adult figure drawing and portfolio development.

2019                   Sisler High School Winnipeg, MB (as well as 2018 & 2016)

                          Digital Drawing Workshop with stylus pen and tablet

2007 - 2009        Arts and Culture Industries Winnipeg, MB

                          Mentoring emerging artists (Oct 2007 – May 2008, Oct 2008 – May 2009)


                          COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT

2019-present      Board of Directors, GroundSwell: Experimental New Music Programming, Winnipeg, MB

2010-present      Radio Co-Host, Eat Your Arts and Vegetables, Weekly arts talk radio show, CKUW 95.9 FM,

                          University of Winnipeg

2016                   Juror, Manitoba Arts Council, Artist in Community Residency Program, Winnipeg, MB

                          MAC juror also for primarily visual arts programs in 1992, 1999, 2001, 2011 & 2015

2011-2015          Board of Directors, Urban Shaman Gallery: Contemporary Aboriginal Art, Winnipeg, MB

1992-2000          Board of Directors, Ace Art, non-profit artist-run centre, Winnipeg, MB

                          (held various executive positions including President of the Board of Directors)